About Us

Chubby Precious Accessories was established as a result of a lack of interesting, eye catching and affordable statement jewellery on the market.

When I would endlessly scour the internet for a piece of statement jewellery for a night out, a festival, or a special occasion, what I would find was never quite big, chunky, colourful, or conspicuous enough for my liking. And when I could find a piece of jewellery that satisfied these needs, it was more often than not expensive yet of a poor quality.

So I sought to find pieces of jewellery that would fill this gap in the market, under the impression that there would be many more people out there like me experiencing similar issues. 

Hence, Chubby Precious Accessories was established.

As for the name, Chubby Precious is a nickname that was assigned to me by a family member due to my (past) constant talking about my chunky legs combined with my princess-like attitude and sensitivity. I saw the alignment between the nickname and my jewellery, and here we are...

I hope you enjoy the jewellery as much as I do.


Jessie B (Chubby Precious)

Chubby Precious Accessories